Commercial… Common Questions and Answers

I’m locked out of my office…
If it’s during business hours, call the management office and someone will be happy to unlock your door.

If it’s after hours, the on-call person will come to unlock your door, but a service charge of $100 will be assessed. And please be patient…..sometimes they don’t live close by!

Who is responsible for light bulb replacements?
Park Avenue will replace lights for the first year of your lease. After that, the tenant will be invoiced.

My heat and air conditioning is shared with the next office but it’s very hot or cold in my office.

Check with your neighbor first to make sure the thermostat is in the “fan on” position. If it’s not working, call maintenance.

The sidewalk is icy…
There are salted sand buckets located outside the buildings on the sidewalks. Please help us by throwing some sand down, but be sure to also call us about the icy sidewalks so we can pay extra attention to them!

Uninvited solicitors are present in the building…
Politely ask them to leave the building and property. Then call the management office with a description.

What number do I call for an emergency maintenance issue?
During business hours: 952-646-3555
After business hours: 952-475-3650


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