Electrical… Common Problems and Possible Solutions

My entire home has no power.
If your home has no power at all, this is caused by an interruption from the power company or a storm, neither of which Lessor has control over. It is best to check with the power company to see when the power will be restored.

Xcel Energy: 1-800-895-1999
Centerpoint Energy: 612-372-5050

GFI outlets…what is this weird outlet with a red and black button?
GFI stands for Ground Fault Interrupter and is a special outlet designed and installed in bathroom and exterior garage outlets to help prevent electrical shock. The GFI outlet is identified by black and red buttons on the outlet face. More than one circuit may be wired through a GFI outlet.

For instance, a GFI outlet located in one bathroom could also control outlets in other bathrooms and exterior outlets. Therefore, lost power in one bathroom may be restored by resetting the GFI outlet in another bathroom. If this doesn’t remedy the situation, proceed to the electrical panel.

I don’t have power in my bathroom or garage.
One or more outlets are protected by a safety outlet. Push re-set button on the safety outlet (GFI) to restore power to outlets.

Store hair dryers in vanity when showering to avoid moisture buildup that could trip GFI outlet.

Do not use items with mechanical contactors in garage. They will trip the safety outlet. Examples include but are not limited to: air compressors, refrigerators, freezers, and some car heaters.

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